drum sets: 
DW Collectors in White Marine Pearl: 22, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, matching 14
DW Collectors Series in Blue Sparkle Lacquer: 22, 12, 14, 16 SOLD! 
Ayotte Custom WoodHoop in Brown Satin: 24, 12, 14, 16 
Ayotte Custom SteelHoop in Amber Lacquer: 18, 12, 14 SOLD! 
Camco (1969, L.A. Badge) in Stradivarius Lacquer: 20, 12, 13, 16 
Ludwig in Silver Sparkle (60's) 8x26, 13x15 
Gretsch Round Badge in Mahogany all w/ wood hoops (40's-50's) 16 kick, 13, 14, 15
Gretsch Round Badge in WMP (40-50's): 24, 13, 14 FT, matching 14 
Gretsch Stop Sign Badge in Burgundy (70's): 22, 13, 16 
Gretsch Catalina Birch in Vintage Burst Lacquer: 20, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, matching 14 SOLD!
Gretsch Catalina Club Custom Vintage in Red Velvet with Satin Chrome: 24, 14, 16 SOLD!
Gretsch Club Custom in Champagne Sparkle: 18, 12, 14, matching 14 
Sonor Safari in Silver Sparkle: 16, 10, 14, matching 14 
Yamaha 1980 Tour Customs in Black Wrap: 22, 12, 13, 16, 18 SOLD!
Trixon/Vox "Conical" Set: 22, 13, 16 SOLD!
Trixon Cocktail in Black & Gold
snare drums: 
Pearl Masters in Amber Lacquer: 5x14 
Pearl Master in Amber Lacquer: 3x13 
DW Collectors in WMP: 5x14 
5x14 Pearl Masters FF Brass: 6.5x14 
Pearl Omar Hakim in Mahogany Lacquer: 5x13 SOLD! 
Pearl Rhythm Traveler in Black Wrap: 5x13 
Pearl Steel Shell: 6.5x14 
Ludwig Acrolite: 5x14 
Ludwig Galaxy: 5x14 
Ludwig SuperSensitive: 5.5x14
Gretsch RB (50's) in White Marine Pearl: 5x14 
Gretsch RB (40's) in White Marine Pearl 6x14
Gretsch RB COB: 5x14 (x2) 
Gretsch Catlina Club: 5x14 
Gretsch "popcorn" snare: 5x10
Arbiter AT Maple: 5x12
Slingerland Steel Shell: 4x14 
Slingerland Aluminum Shell (60's): 5x14
Pacific Steel Shell: 4x12 
Ross Steel Shell 3x14 
Stewart (MIJ) in Black Diamond Pearl: 5x14
other drums: 
Leedy Bass Drum: 16x24 
Ludwig Pioneer Bass Drum 12x26 
Ludwig Timpani: 28"
More odds and ends than you could shake a stick at...
13" K. Zildjian Hi-Hats 
13" A. Zildjian Hi-Hats (60's)
14" K. Zildjian Custom Dark Hi-Hats 
14" A. Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats (60's) SOLD!
15" A. Zildjian Hi-Hats (paper thin, 40's)
16" Sabian Apollo Hi-Hats
14" Paiste Rude Hi-Hats (80's) (SOLD!)
12.5" Vibra top, 12.5" Meinl Bottom  
splashes and small crashes: 
10" Sabian China Splash
12" K. Zildjian (Constantinople) 
12" A. Zildjian Paper Thin (70's) 
13" A. Zildjian Paper Thin (40's)
crashes and china: 
14" A. Zildjian Fast Crash 
16" A. Zildjian Thin Crash (50's-60's) 
17" K. Zildjian Custom Fast Crash 
18" K. Zildjian Crash Ride 18" A. Zildjian Medium Thin (70's) 
18" A. Zildjian Concert Band Crash (Medium-Heavy - 60's) SOLD!
18" Paiste Formula 602 Band Crash (60's) 
20" Zildjian Crash of Doom 
20" Sabian HH China
18" Zildjian ReMix Breakbeat Ride 
19" Rancan HH Flat Ride 
20" Istanbul Turk Ride 20" Istanbul (Agop) Custom Dry Ride 
20" K. Zildjian Custom Dry Ride 
20" K. Zildjian Custom Dark Ride 
20" K. Zildjian (age?) (Istanbul) 
20" A Zildjian Thin Ride (50's) 
20" A. Zildjian Medium Thin Ride (50's) SOLD!
20" Sabian O-Zone Ride - SOLD! 
20" K. Zildjian Ride 
21" K. Zildjian Custom Special Dry Ride
22" K. Zildjian Pre-Aged Dry Light Ride (80's)
22" A. Zildjian Medium Heavy Ride w/ rivets (70's) 
22" A. Zildjian Marching Band (Heavy! 70's) 
24" A. Zildjian Ride (60's)
24" Sabian HH Pandora Ride
24" Sabian AA Apollo Ride
LP Matador Wood Congas (set of 3 - Quinto, Conga, and Tumbadora) in Burgundy Lacquer 
LP Matador Wood Bongos in Burgundy Lacquer 
Hapi Drum
Remo Djembe: 14" 
Remo Frame Drum: 16" 
Irish Bodhran: 16" 
Istanbul Dumbek 
Pearl Tube Cajon LP 
Ricardo Conga 
Numerous traps, etc.


acoustic guitars: 
Gibson J-29 A/E
Larrivee OM-3 Special Edition Blackwood 
Taylor 514 C/E A/E
Taylor 110 Dreadnought 
Takamine EG54SC-4C A/E SOLD!
Takamine C132S Classical 
Cordoba C5-CE SOLD!
Manuel Rodriguez Caballero 11 
La Patrie Etude Classical 
La Patrie Concert Classical A/E 
Art & Lutherie Ami Nylon Cedar Top 
Seagull S12+ Cedar 
Seagull Merlin
Gretsch G9220 Bobtail Resonator A/E
Regal RC-1 Resonator  
Martin Backpacker SOLD!
electric guitars and basses:
Gibson Les Paul Custom in TV Yellow
Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Gold Top
Gibson ES-125 (1958) in Burst 
Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO in Black
Epiphone B.B. King "Lucille" in Black 
Fender Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster in White Blonde with White
Fender Stratocaster (MIJ - 80's) in Black with Tortoise 
Fender Stratocaster HSS (Seymour-Duncans) w/ 70's Headstock in Natural with White (SOLD!)
Fender American Standard Telecaster in Burst with Black
Fender Telecaster (MIM) Lake Placid Blue with Tortoise
Fender Custom '49 Esquire "Snakehead" in White
Fender Modern Player Jaguar in Satin Brown
Fender/Gibson custom hybrid Tele in TV Yellow
Squier Cyclone SOLD!
Gretsch G100CE Hollowbody in Natural 
Ibanez Artcore AS-73 Hollowbody in 3-Tone Burst (SOLD!)
Ibanez ARC300 in Deep Brown FMT (Seymour Duncan's - HH) (SOLD!)
Harmony Rocket Hollowbody in Deep Red (60's) 
Kraftsman Semi-Hollow Body in Natural (60's) 
Fender American Standard Dimension V HH 5 String Bass in Olympic White
Fender Precision Lyte Bass in Vintage Burst with actives SOLD!
Fender Custom P-Bass in Walnut with Black 
Squier Fretless J-Bass (Jaco copy)
Gretsch Electromatic Short Scale Bass in Black Burst with Pearloid SOLD!
Music Man OLP MM-2 Bass in Electric Blue SOLD!
other stringed instruments: 
Fender Ukulele 
Washburn F-Style mandolin
Fender Banjo
Audition Banjo SOLD!
Cordoba Guilele


Marshall DSL40C LE Vintage
Polytone Mini-Brute V
Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Acoustasonic
Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack 
Epiphone Triggerman 60 DSP SOLD!
Ampro Vintage Customized 
Ampeg B-50R SOLD!
Fender Rumble 100
Fender Passport PA
Orange MicroTerror
Hotone Nano Mojo Legend
Boss ME-70 
Digitech RP250 
DOD Envelpe Filter 
Digitech MultiVoice Chorus 
Danelectro Mini Pedals DJ1 through DJ11
Many misc. pedals...
piano, keyboards, electronic percussion, samplers, etc.: 
Roland Juno-Di 
Korg microKorg 
Korg microSampler SOLD!
Yamaha SK-15 
Casio SK-1 (x2) 
Wurlitzer MonoSynth 
Wurlitzer Art Deco Console Piano (40's)
Moog Thermini Therein 
Roland HandSonic HPD-15 
Korg WaveDrum 
Alesis DM-5 Dauz & ddrum pads and triggers 
Tama TechStar TAM500  
Korg Kaoss KP3 
Korg Kaoss Pad (original) 
Alesis AirFX 
Alesis AirSynth (x2)
Bliptronic 5000 (x3) 
Stylophone Beatbox 
Tascam US-1641 
Mackie Onyx 
Misc. mics, etc.